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Friday, June 28th Last day

Today is the last day of the first week of cartooning. Some students will be gong on vacation next week. We had a very fun day today. Paul showed us a small animation piece that he created last night. The students created and made thier pins.  Each group got together and created a creature. They had to draw it and figure out the habitat, predators, prey, and adaptations. Each group came up to describe, show, and talk about their creature using the elmo.  The week turned out to be very…


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Day 4 of Cartooning June 27

Today we started out with a CD of animation pieces that Aidan and Alton created. They learned from this class how to create their own animations. WOW!!! There was music and credits too! Scott, who is in 7th grade, came in and surprised us. He showed us animation pieces that he made on his camera. He was in the cartooning classes a few years ago.  Once again-look what these kids have learned from this summer cartooning class that they have taken away and used!!!  We created another animation…


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3rd day of Cartooning Summer Class June 26, 2013

We started off the day finishing up our flip books.  We also caught up two students that were not here yesterday. From there we went into watching a funny short clip on a cartoon character trying to get rid of a cat. It  was a good example of animation without dialogue.  Mr. Mike brought up a clip on the computer that showed two men fighting over a flower.  It was such a fabulous introduction into filming and movement to created a short animation piece with people.  The students lined up and…


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Summer Cartooning-Day 2

We started out the day by reveiwing the concepts of squash and stretch when cartooning. Mr. Mike showed a short video on someone drawing  from 100 years ago.  It showed Winsor McKay's  hand  drawing and sketching.  Then he made the sketches look like they were moving.  He made 4,000 drawings in one month.  It shows how animation began. The students loved this old film.  Harry Hausen is another artist to look up if you are interested in drawing and animation.  We have four new students today.…


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June 24th First Day of Summer Cartooing

Welcome to our first day of summer cartooning.  Mr. Rinderle and Ms. Kraus went out yesterday to get some yummy snacks for the students.  Today we made name tags/ created corporation groups in which they will have to do certain tasks. Today they had to come up with a logo for their group.  The Chunky Cheese Corporation came up with a jingle and dance to show the class. They were great!   Swaginators, Five Crazy Guy and One Girl, and The Moustache Smileys are the groups names so far. We have…


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