Today is the third day of the Cartooning Camp/second week.  We have two projects going on at the same time.  The students are working on ashcan comic books by folding the paper into quarters and creating an eight page comic book. Also, Mr. Mike interviewed Aidan and Alton yesterday abut their animation projects that they worked on since the last cartooning camp. Mr. Mike took the time to put it on CD last night.  They will get their own copy. Mr. Rinderle is heading on the 3-D cartooning wall painting.  This will be displayed in the lobby. It is 6ft. tall and 5ft. wide.  The students are in the process of painting it.  Mr. Rinderle cut it out with an electrical saw yesterday. It was traced on the wall by projecting the elmo. We look forward to see the final piece for the school.  Respectful, Responsible, Focused, and Safe will be draped across the figures to line up with the school's theme.

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