Welcome! Today Mr. Mike is here from 12:30 to 1:40 working with 5th grade students. These students are so excited that Mr.Mike had to tell them that he can't look at all the drawings as he is drawing. They drew two shapes and insisted that Mr. Mike come see what they have done. This class has a difficult time focusing. This is such a thrill for them when he comes in.  The students are studying Environmental Factors-living and nonliving things that effect an enviroment. They have been experimenting with isopods and beetles and whether or not they like moist/ dry environments and light/dark. Yes, we have real live critters in the room! They also grew five different types of seeds that are germinating in terrariums.  Mr. Mike is drawing an environment with a muskrat and what is found underneath the water-organisms etc.  I felt that since they are studying the plants, isopods, and beetles-let us focus on what is below or hidden in an environment.  We are going to study the roots of the plants next and the ddrawings show roots of a tree drawn below the water. Mr. Mike's lesson combines both activites we are doing into one! Perfect!

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