June 24th First Day of Summer Cartooing

Welcome to our first day of summer cartooning.  Mr. Rinderle and Ms. Kraus went out yesterday to get some yummy snacks for the students.  Today we made name tags/ created corporation groups in which they will have to do certain tasks. Today they had to come up with a logo for their group.  The Chunky Cheese Corporation came up with a jingle and dance to show the class. They were great!   Swaginators, Five Crazy Guy and One Girl, and The Moustache Smileys are the groups names so far. We have 21 students today and plan on having at least five more students tomorrow.   The Cat Came Back was an oldy but goody cartoon that the students got to see to observe movement, changes, and shapes.  The students then created a face, added five steps ,and showed how it morphs or which  showed movement on paper. Challenging, but oh how fun!! Students loved this idea. Great job Mr. Mike! The first day so fun and successful!!!

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