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Happy Earth Day Week to you all!!

Today- April 26th in 4th grade and 5th grade we are celebrating Earth Day Week.  Mr. Mike is teaching the students to draw a dragon carrying the world like Atlas!  The kids had a lot of fun!  Remember-Earth Day is Every Day!!

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Parent Night

Parent night was a big success on April 18th. Mr. Mike taught a drawing class with adding adaptations to an organism. Even the parents joined in to draw.  It was a great success.  A parent ,who is a teacher for the Erie School District, couldn't wait to go back and use Mr. Mike's lesson for his own Science lesson. How about that!!!  The next day the LTR program along with Harding students was posted in the Erie Daily Times. It was a nice article!! Hurray! 

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Thursday April 18th

Today was an exciting day. We had visitors from all different place.   Arts Erie-Amanda Knox, Mr.  Matt Cummings from Erie School District-PR , Ms. Hutchinson-the principal,   Erica Erwin-Erie Times Newspaper, and Mr. Millette-the photographer and Grayson's father.  The 4th grade honors class -all 29 of them-were learning to draw landscapes.  Aidan,Alton,Hannah, and Shea were interviewed by Erica Erwin for the newspaper. It was a fabulous lesson on Landscaping. All…


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Ms. Amy Fuchs

Today is April 4th and besides Mr. Mike and Mr. Cummings visiting, we also had Ms. Fuchs. She is a fabulous drama artist. She is going to start to work with the 6th graders to create a film piece to be shared with Harding Elementary School.  We are so happy and excited to have her on our team!  Ms. Fuchs will be blogging what she has to share with us all real soon.

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Today is April 4, 2013  We have Mr. Cummings observing Mr. Mike today. He is interested in doing a piece with the newspaper on the ArtErie/LTR program here at Harding School.  Mr. Mike is working with the 4th graders on drawing a stream/ labeling the parts/ and the land areas.  The students have been taught vocabulary/ modeled a making of a stream-tributary/ and now they are drawing and labeling. What a fantastic way to go into more depth about what they are expected to understand with the…


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