3rd day of Cartooning Summer Class June 26, 2013

We started off the day finishing up our flip books.  We also caught up two students that were not here yesterday. From there we went into watching a funny short clip on a cartoon character trying to get rid of a cat. It  was a good example of animation without dialogue.  Mr. Mike brought up a clip on the computer that showed two men fighting over a flower.  It was such a fabulous introduction into filming and movement to created a short animation piece with people.  The students lined up and headed for the gym.  Mr. Mike had to set up first ,so Mr. Rinderle played a game-guess my drawing.  It was so fun. Then we had a couple students go up to the board and try the game with their drawing skills.  Once Mr. Mike was set up ,the students numbered off 1-5 and proceeded to follow the direction to create their first animation piece with Mr. Mike filming and Mr. Rinderele directing. It is such a true learning activity. The students must be very patient. They move step by step by step and then Mr. Mike will play it fast and they will see their animation creation of all the students moving together!  24 students showed up today. We missed Rebecca.

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