Today is May 29, 2013.  Mr. Mike is here teaching the 4th graders. This is their last class with Mr. Mike for the school year.  Ms. Easly, the 4th grade Reading teacher, has been teaching The Battle of Lake Erie through the book-Victory Erie, The War of 1812, and The Battle of Lake Erie.  Written and Illustrated by Cornell Green.  Young Readers Edition The celebration of Perry 200 has been going on starting out with a big Memorial Day parade.  I have been teaching various subjects of Erie History also.  Mr. Mike is here today to draw the Battle Of Lake Erie.  Once again, the students were so excited to learn all the Erie History and then follow up with Mr. Mike.  What a great way to add depth to what has been taught. (Common Core)


We also received a fabulous e-mail from Rebecca's mother thanking us for the LTR program.  The program motivated Rebecca  to want to draw. She has never shown any interest or had the confidence to show off her writing/drawing skills.  Hurray!!

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