Mr. Mike is here today on Monday, May 6th.  The students have been trying to hatch brine shrimp eggs in cups of salt water. So far, we have not been too successful.  Brine shrimp are small aquatice crustaceans.  They live in salt lakes and brine ponds. They grow to be a 1/2 inch/1 centimeter.  The students are drawing organisms in Mono Lake (in northeastern Californina) that eat brine shrimp. The eared grebe, wilson's phalarope, and red-necked phalarope are the three birds that the students are drawing that eat brine shrimp.  We added more salt today to the water hoping that we can still get some of the brine shrimp eggs to hatch.  Mr. Mike and the 5th graders drew a larger scale of a brine shrimp in a previous lesson to get an idea of how these creatures look close up. Again-a fun lesson for all!!

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