Today is May 29th.  In celebration of Perry 200 we are teaching Erie History.   In Reading class, with Ms. Easly, the students have been reading Victory-Erie, the War of 1812, and The Battle Of Lake Erie.  Written and illustrated by Cornell Green/Young Readers Edition/September 2012.  I have been also teaching about the battle, Daniel Dobbins, ship bulding, Eriez Indians etc.  Mr. Mike is here today to continue the lessons by helping the students draw The Battle of Lake Erie. The students are just so excited.  Once again, the cartooning  helps to dive into the knowledge a little bit deeper to reinforce the information taught. (Common Core)

We also received an e-mail from Rebecca's mom thanking us for bringing Rebecca's drawing skills to the surface. She is now drawing on her own. This is a HUGE accomplishment for Rebecca.  Again, Mr. Mike has made such a HUGE difference with the schooling of all the students this year!  I thank him and Ms. Holly for the hard work to make the program so successful!!

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