Today is March 7th and Mr. Mike is here with my 4th graders. They are very excited for him to be here. We have been studying the Water Cycle with notes, posters, and lesson 2 of the module. The students have learned about the water cycle by creating land in a stream table and pouring  hot water in to create a lake. The students placed plastic wrap over the stream table and an ice pack on top.  They have observed condensation and precipitation while evaporation has occured.  Mr. Mike is drawing and labeling the cylce with the students. They are getting a deeper understanding by drawing the cycle.  Great stuff for all!!!

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Today is 3/13/13

We started discussing the cartooning camp coming this summer! Alton has already asked about it!  Yes, we are going to have it!! Mr. Mike, Mr. Jim, and Ms. Kraus having been throwing around the idea of having 2 sessions in one week at the end of June or first week in July. We will let everyone know what happens, so we can have sign ups in May.  Today the students are creating Water Treatment Plant drawings. What a great way to learn how a treatment plant functions.  It is from the students' 4th grade module Land Water.  I see that Mr. Mike posted some of the Abraham Lincoln drawings on the main Teaching Toons page. Nice job Mr. Mike and thank you!

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