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Today is March 1st. Today the 5th grade students drew pill bug and beetles.  Next Wednesday the classroom is getting the beetles and pill bugs to study them in their environment. The students loved drawing these lovely creatures. We will let you know if the pill bugs like water and light after next weeks exploration.

March 7, 2013

I am entering comments that I wanted to enter ever since Mr. Mike started around Halloween.  I am so excited for Vincent in my 4th grade class. I believe the first paper he ever fininished was a drawing with Mr. Mike. He is so proud of himself when he completes work.  He gets excited when he comes in. Actually the whole class does.  I find that the students that struggle do very well with Mr. Mike.  They are focused.  They have fun learning.   In January my students and I were having a great discussions about Abraham Lincoln.  We ended up talking about the civil war. Mr. Mike help the honors students draw Abraham Lincoln, and we created a fabulous display in the hallway. Two of the pictures ended up in Hollywood to David DeLuise. He was kind enough to send an autograph picture to Aidan and Alton Northup. In October we had the Animal Studies module.  We had our friendly creatures -African Dwarf Frogs. We created a Scientific Drawing of the frog. We hung those up all the frog pictures in the hallway.  Parents and teachers commented how fabulous they were. Let's not forget the drawings in February showing conduction and convection.  This concept in Science can be difficult to grasp, but it was a breeze with Mr. Mike. Every time the students and I draw it gets more and more exciting.  Ms.  Jane Ross's alternative education class joined the crew two weeks ago. These students have difficulty with behavior.  They come from all different schools in the Erie School District.  One can hear a pin drop when he is in her room.  They are so quiet and focused with no discipline problems.  They can carry this great experience back to their home schools, and talk about their positive experience.  We have to be careful that they don't misbehave to come back to have Mr. Mike! Ha! Ha!-but how true!!

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